5 Unique Features of the Droplet Sponge

The Droplet sponge is unlike any other face painting or makeup sponge you've ever seen. 

We spent over a year developing the sponges professionals everywhere have always needed. We created this demo (above) to show you how easy it is is to use the new droplet face painting sponges and how it could help speed up your designs. 

Our droplet sponges were made with these 5 factors in mind:

SHAPE: One of the most important features is the pointed tip that effortlessly fits in the crease of the eye. The shape also allows you to get under the nose as well as pivot around the face. The curvature is ideal for blending and loading multiple colors onto your sponge. It is small enough to paint little faces but also can be used for larger faces by rolling it back and painting with the bottom. It fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to have more control when you are laying down a base as well as using stencils. 

COLOR: Many professional face painters dye their sponges black to hide paint stains. These sponges are made black so you don't have to spend the time working with messy dyes or worrying about harsh chemicals in your sponges. This also makes you look more professional. They are very easy to clean, simply rinse them in warm water until the water runs clear. 

Old sponges compared to the new sponges

Old sponges compared to the new sponges

MATERIAL: These are not like the beauty blender! Some sponges absorb so much of the paint it is hard to apply with good coverage while others are scratchy and harsh against the skin. We developed a material that is soft but also does not absorb all of your paint like a makeup sponge does. These were tested and designed for use specifically with water activated makeup.

Safety: Our droplet sponges were created to be used on faces. Because of this, we make them to cosmetic standards and seal them individually in sanitary packages. Much love and care goes into making each and every one of our sponges, from the time the material arrives in our factory to the time we pack them and send them off, because we know you put just as much care and consideration into each and every client. 

PRICE: While these are more costly than traditional wedge shaped or petal shaped sponges in the face painting industry, they are considerably less expensive than any other sponge of this quality in the cosmetic industry. To make these sponges with all of the qualities listed requires more labor and better materials than it would take to make craft sponges. We sell these at the lowest price we can without sacrificing any of the distinct factors that make our sponges what they are. We understand face painters use many sponges and often do not have a large budget for supplies so we made it possible to save money when you buy in bulk.

Our sponges are so excited to arrive at your house!

Our sponges are so excited to arrive at your house!

We love knowing that we are able to help artists everywhere spread the joy of face and body art! Our mission is to make this revolutionary tool available artists all over the world. That's why we offer free shipping to the US and Canada. We offer free shipping to the UK and Australia on orders of 12 sponges or more and we offer a flat shipping rate of $5 on other international orders. 

We also make it very easy to become a reseller. For more information contact us.



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