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Professional Face Painting Sponges For The Professional Face Painter

The Droplet Sponge was developed for face and body painters to be used with water activated face paint cakes. This is not a make-up sponge, it does not absorb and retain an excess of paint and water or expand when wet. These are easy to clean and their color hides stains well. They are shaped to fit in all the nooks and crannies of the face to help you paint faster. Scroll down to see how the more you buy the more you save.

Or, buy a single sponge and try it out!


Stop dying your sponges black, start buying your sponges black! All of our sponges are made of high quality materials and packaged in our ISO 22716 certified space. They are 100% latex free and machine washable.

Your sponges will arrive at your mailbox in time for the busy fall season. Be the first to get them! 

Petal Sponge

The small petal shapes sponges are everything you could want in a petal sponge. They are firm, silky, and lay down water activated makeup beautifully. These are about 37mm wide and 48mm long. They are perfect for wedging into very tight spaces. Here you can now order a pack of 12 petal sponges.


This is the sponge you've been dreaming of! The half circle gives you a curved side and a flat side. You can make sharp edges and blend beautifully. We created this sponge for everyone who was already comfortable with this shape but wanted more out of their sponges. Here you can now order 20 half-circles.

The Droplet Sponge


1 Droplet Sponge



4 pack





12 pack





24 pack





Wanna see how our droplet sponges work? 

Check out some of our video demos!


In this demo, we show you how to paint a colorful full face with our Droplet sponges.

Here we show you a quick demo of how to load multiple colors onto your Droplet Sponges.

See how you can make colorful circles and apply lots of glitter to your designs as we make this fun space scene.


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