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Our Sponges Are Designed For Face & Body Painters 


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We founded Creative Kingdom to solve a problem that plagued most Face and Body Painters. You wanted sponges that were black that did not stain easily. You needed a cosmetic quality sponge that is made for skin and for water activated face paints. Something that doesn't absorb all your paint but still offers good coverage. Many even tried cutting their old sponges into little points with rounded edges and dying them. There are some things you just can't make yourself, so we made it for you. 


professional Face Painters everywhere have struggled to make their sponge better, from cutting the shape to dying the color... until now. 


tested by face painters


approved by face painters

For over a year we researched and tested sponges to develop the sponge of every professional face painter's dreams. We tried many different shapes, sizes, and materials until we found something we loved. Then we selected professional face painters throughout the U.S. who have over 5 years of experience to test them out. We kept working out kinks until we finally developed our masterpiece, the droplet sponge. Once our beta testers called us fanatically telling us they not only approve of, they love our sponges and want more, we knew it was time to share our product with face painters everywhere. Now, not only are our sponges available to purchase on our website, we have worked hard to provide amazing deals on shipping so we can share our sponges with the world!  



The Untold Story of a Droplet Sponge




The journey of a droplet sponge begins when two face painting sponges fall in love. Magic happens, and alas! A droplet sponge is born! The sponge grows up in our clean factory where it learns how to be a good face painting sponge and soak up the right amount of paint, unlike it's cousin, the makeup sponge.



The Droplet sponge reaches a point in it's life when it is time to leave the factory and fulfill it's destiny! Our sponge gets sealed in a package and awaits the day it will venture across the country, or perhaps, the world.  



Finally, after days of anticipation, the droplet sponge makes it's voyage to a loving face painter. It may journey alone but it prefers to travel in packs of 4, 12, or 25. What happens when our Droplet sponge arrives? We believe that's where the adventure truly begins.



Save money on sponges by ordering in bulk! The more you buy the more you save!


The Droplet Sponge

A single black Droplet Sponge for face and body Painters.


4 Pack of Droplet Sponges

A pack of four black Droplet Sponge for face and body Painters.


12 Pack of Droplet Sponges

A pack of twelve black Droplet Sponge for face and body Painters.


24 Pack of Droplet Sponges

A pack of twenty-four black Droplet Sponge for face and body Painters.


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